Compare 'Auto Print Order' with 'Automatic Email Manager'

Auto Print Order is built on the same platform as Automatic Email Manager, the #1 productivity tool for managing your incoming emails, but with simpler actions, settings, and a lighter footprint on your computer.

Automatic functions Auto Print Order Automatic Email Manager
Print email body Yes Yes
Print attachments (Order) Yes Yes
Save email body - Yes
Save attachments - Yes
Save email in PDF - Yes
Merge email & attachments in single PDF - Yes
Mark email as read Yes Yes
Move email to folder Yes Yes
Copy email to folder - Yes
Delete email - Yes
Change email category - Yes
Change email subject - Yes
Execute external program/script - Yes
Send / Reply / Forward email - Yes
Send email's data to Microsoft Teams - Yes
Send email's data to Telegram - Yes
Send email's data to Slack - Yes
Send notification to your mobile - Yes
Send HTTP command (API) - Yes
Download files from links in email body - Yes
Create list of emails address - Yes
Decompress zip file - Yes
Works 100% locally Yes Yes
Number of account 1 Unlimited
Number of actions per account 1 print & 1 move Unlimited